What South Africans want from Santa

With almost nine out of ten South Africans (89.5%) saying they intend to celebrate the holiday season by giving gifts, on the top of the stocking list are gadgets, according to the eBucks Rewards festive survey, conducted online from 16 October to 8 November 2013.
What South Africans want from Santa
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South Africans are getting savvier about how they do their shopping and 9.5% will be doing all their festive season shopping online, compared to the 2012 festive Survey of 8%.

They are also generous shoppers, with the vast majority (43.2%) buying between five and eight gifts, and two out of 10 buying more than nine gifts. People are spending generously too: more than a quarter of those surveyed, spend in excess of R1000 on gifts.

“With the challenging economic conditions, we expect South Africans will manage their festive budget carefully by purchasing a number of smaller, more meaningful gifts for extended family and friends, and then splashing out a bit on one more expensive item for their spouse or significant other,” says Jolandé Duvenage, CEO of eBucks Rewards.

Naturally children are spoiled, with more than four in 10 people spending over R500 on the little ones and three in 10 spending between R500 and R1000. While moms and dads are quite giving, South African men treat their romantic partners well, with six out of 10 spending in excess of R750.

They are also organised, only 5.5% said they will be doing their shopping on Christmas Eve and 0.2% on Christmas Day itself, but for the most part, shopping is already well underway and in many cases already complete.

Gadgets, cash

A gadget of one form or another (43.4%) tops the list and a distant second is cash or a voucher at 14.6%. In the open ‘other’ category, festive wishes included spending quality family time, just being happy and not having to work on Christmas day. Finally, an interesting trend is starting to emerge: a crafty 1.2% of the survey participants have made all their own festive season gifts.

Survey results

Of the 2588 South Africans that participated in the survey, 52.8% were men and 47.2% were women.

How many gifts will you be buying this festive season?

43.2% – between 5 and 8
37.2% – between 2 and 4
17.8% – 9 or more
1.9% – Just one

Where do you shop for gifts over the festive season?

48.3% – a combination of both online shopping and real life shops
41.1% – in shops – I like touching and seeing the gift before I purchase it
9.5% – online – saves me time, and I get to avoid the crowds
1.2% – I like to make all the gifts myself

How much do you normally spend on gifts during the festive season?

28.2% – R1000 or more
27.5% – R250 – R500
20.0% – R1 – R250
13.0% – R750 – R1000
11.2% – R500 – R750

How much will you spend on each child this festive season?

39.8% – R1 – R500
35.1% – R500 – R1000
19.9% – R1000 – R3000
3.1% – R3000 – R5000
1.5% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my child/children
0.8% – R5000 or more

If you are a man in a relationship, how much do you normally spend on a Christmas gift or treat for your better half?

36.9% – R1000 or more
22.8% – R750 – R1000
20.4% – R500 – R750
18.5% – R250 – R500
1.4% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my significant other

If you are a woman in a relationship, how much do you normally spend on a Christmas gift or for your other half?

26.7% – R250 – R500
24.0% – R1000 or more
21.4% – R500 – R750
22.0% – R750 – R1000
5.9% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my significant other

When do you do your festive shopping?

51.1% – three weeks before Christmas
38.1% – I usually start in November to beat the rush
5.5% – Christmas eve
5.1% – mine is already done, as I collect gifts throughout the year
0.2% – on Christmas day itself

What type of present do you wish to receive this year?

43.4% – gadget
14.6% – cash or a retail voucher
6.1% – jewellery
5.2% – fitness or sporting equipment
5.1% – clothing
5.0% – perfume or aftershave
4.2% – appliance
3.2% – books
2.2% – none of the above
2.1% – entertainment (concert tickets, theatre tickets, etc)
1.8% – a voucher for an adrenalin activity
1.6% – CDs or DVDs
5.6% – Other


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