Start Your Own Internet Radio Station For Free Using Shoutcast

So you want to run an Internet radio station? Great! Citrus 3 have a solution for you. It’s Shoutcast. Shoutcast works in a similar way to most other streaming platforms. The great news its easy and once I again I will repeat its completely free. All you need is a PC some music in mp3 format and the free software which we will explain in this guide.. Internet radio although not very profitable is a great way to network with people in the music industry and make new friends. Once broadcasting your station will show up on many online radio directories and on the shoutcast directory. You can also create a website for your internet radio and play via a flash player on there or simply share a “tune in” link to your friends and family on facebook. Now it works like this. You have a DJ broadcasting to a server. This server listens to the DJ, listeners connect to the server, and the server relays the signal to multiple listeners. To run a station you need Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP Plug-in for Winamp, a server to stream to, a good connection to the server, good bandwidth from the server, and some MP3’s. (You can also use a wide range of other software instead of Winamp) To download these you can go to and and visit the downloads page. All are free! For the next process you will need to find your own IP address and when you have this…. Shoutcast DSP Setup Once you have installed the DSP plug-in into Winamp you can go ahead and start Winamp then the DSP plug-in: Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect > Select “Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP…” Once you select this the Shoutcast DSP box will pop up. First select the “Encoder” tab. Select an Encoder (Use Encoder 2 because Encoder 1 currently has a bug), select an Encoder Type (currently only MP3), and then select the format and bitrate you want to stream with in the “Encoder Settings” drop down. Next select the “Output” tab and select an Output (Output 1 by default is good). Hit the “Connection” button if it is not already selected. Type in the address of your server (“localhost” if the DSP and server are on the same machine). For “Port” enter the port you have as PortBase in the sc_serv.ini file (8000 by default). Enter the password you selected when editing sc_serv.ini. Finish off by selecting the encoder number that you previously set. If you would like your server to be listed on hit the “Yellowpages” button next to the “Connection” button. Make sure “Make this server public” is checked. Then enter some descriptive info about your stream in the corresponding boxes below. The other options in the Shoutcast DSP are not described here because they are beyond the scope of this article. Once you have all the settings taken care of go ahead and hit the “Connect” button. Start playing the MP3s that you want to webcast. If everything is set up and running correctly the DSP should connect to the server and start the stream for the world to hear. Happy streaming everyone!!! Published at: