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The Asian dumpling delicacy enthusiasts would find momo station irresistible and when it is about the variety of luscious Continental dishes the Crepe Station is the first choice. Momo Station, the place where you get the most delectable momo to satisfy your palate: Momo is a favourite dish for many and the food lovers all over the world love to pamper their taste buds with delicious momo on and off. Momo station is the most authentic place to get momo with real taste and flavour. With outlets in various parts of the leading cities, momo station has become a favourite hangout for the foodies. At this momo hub you will get two kinds of momo, the fried momos and steamed momos. The health conscious people find the steamed kind a good choice. Momos at momo station come in with a variety of fillings to satisfy all taste buds. Here you will get fillings like, spicy chicken, mutton rogan aloo cheese, spicy veggie, and a lot more. Serving some of the best of vegetarian, chicken or mutton momos, momo station is a favoured destination for the momo enthusiasts. The kids love to have the less spicy cheesy supreme filling. At momo station you can choose from a selection of fried or steamed momos with a wide array of fillings. Moreover, there are a variety of snack options like potato wedges, veggie nuggets, sausages French fries and chicken nuggets. Food at this place is unbelievably tasty and reasonably priced, therefore whenever you have hunger pangs you need to order your favourite momo variety from momo station and have a quick bite. Order online and get excellent offers. Crepe Station, the food hub for the lovers of Continental delicacies: Crepe Station offers everything that you would like to delight your taste buds. A host of mouth watering Continental dishes like Veg, Chicken, Prawns and Lamb Crepes to Pasta, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Sizzlers and Salads and an assortment of side dishes are there for you. To have the flavour of Indian delicacies you can have Tomato Omlette, Aloo Parantha, Chana Bhatura, Puri Bhaji and Paneer Bhujia with Maska Pav as well. The English Breakfast served over here would definitely delight your palate. Above all, to add to your delight, Crepe Station offers a wide variety of desserts with Crepes and Waffles with scoops of vanilla ice cream and sweet whipped. An assortment of omelets, pancakes, sausages and juices over here can ensure a healthy and satisfying brunch. Among the most popular dishes paneer, chicken and fish sizzlers are there. What more interesting is every few weeks a variety of innovative specials get introduced to add more essence to your eating. A great variety of sauces for pastas like Pesto, Bolognaise, and Arabiata and a selection of delicious appetizers with Onion Rings, Crostini and Bruschetta Al Pollo make Crepe Station a favoured choice for those who love to have exquisite food. If you love your vegetables, fish, chicken or lamb between freshly baked brown bread or want to savour the variety of sandwiches including Royal Tandoori Chicken, Tuscano, and the Tuna Open Bake, served with salads and home-made wafers, then Crepe Station is the place for you. At Crepe Station your can place order for your favourite dishes in the most effortless way by ordering online. Ordering for your desired food is now so easy with online booking and reservation and is the right place to do that. This prime online website for placing order for food and table reservation is the simplest way to get your favourite food right at your door. Choose from thousands of restaurants serving hundreds of cuisines and place order for your favourite ones and get excellent offers. It’s so simple and so easy! Published at: