Earning Money and Free Stuff Online- Swagbucks vs Gifthulk

How to Earn Rewards from Swagbucks and Gifthulk

First of all, what you need to know about Swagbucks, Gifthulk, and any other reward site you happen to find, is that they all pretty much have the same ways to earn their points (or whatever they call them). Points for every dollar spent at certain online stores (Gifthulk is adding this soon, I believe), watching videos, filling out surveys, completing offers, searching the internet, playing games, and finishing tasks are the basic ways. Swagbucks also has coupons and Gifthulk has a card game you can do daily to earn points.

Most of these are free (other than the shopping), but some do require adding a credit card or buying something specific from an online retailer.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that since both use the same offers, for the most part, you probably can’t do it for both of them.
Videos Comparison (August 8th, 2013)
Note the “Random Next Video” Button, swagbucks doesn’t have this. There’s also a line of videos on the bottom, like Swagbucks.
Note the “Random Next Video” Button, swagbucks doesn’t have this. There’s also a line of videos on the bottom, like Swagbucks. | Source
The bottom four pieces are the videos you can click on.
The bottom four pieces are the videos you can click on. | Source
How to earn Swagbucks and Hulkcoins

Swagbucks and Gifthulk don’t use ‘points’ to describe their site currencies. Swagbucks uses Swagbucks or sb for short, and Gifthulk uses Giftcoins or gc for short. 1 sb does NOT equal 1 gc though, if you look in the stores for each, 500 sb gets you a $5 card (usually) and 5000 gc gets you a $5 card (usually). So, 1 sb actually equals 10 gc. This may make you think you are earning more on Gifthulk than you actually are, so keep it in mind. Now that we know that, how do we earn them?

Shopping- Normally you can earn 1-3 sb per dollar spent on the online stores, but be careful as it may be in only certain departments and its been known not to always work. Gifthulk hasn’t added this feature yet, I’ll add in information as I discover it.

Watching Videos- both sites have you earn points for every 10 videos watched and the rewards seem to differ between countries, so this may be different (these are US rewards). Sb gives you 3 sb per 10 videos and if there is a daily max, I haven’t hit it. Gifthulk gives you 10 gc per 10 videos, with bonuses every 5 bars filled, and you can complete it 20 times. Total you earn 400 gc for all 20 rounds, which is the same as 40 sb. For 20 rounds of sb, you would earn 60 sb (or 600 gc). There is also a mobile app for android and ios for swagbucks that lets you earn a max of 50 sb a day (5 videos is 2 sb and it autoplays). Winner: Swagbucks.

Surveys- Swagbucks and Gifthulk seem to have a similar group of surveys, although I’m sure they both have exclusive ones. For swagbucks you seem to earn 100-500 sbs each, and gifthulk has 100-500 gc each, so you earn the same amount but since it takes 10 gc to equal 1 sb, you earn a lot less from gifthulk. To make up for this, there is a progress bar on gifthulk that fills up with each survey you complete or disqualify for. 10 fill the bar and you get 25 gc. You also earn 20 gc for each disqualified survey (up to 3 a day), whereas swagbucks gives you 1 sb for each disqualified survey (up to 5 a day). Gc= 60 (or 6 sb) and sb gives you 5, so if you disqualify a lot, gifthulk is better. Swagbucks also just started sending surveys out to your mailbox, which give 15-65 swagbucks (maybe more, this is just my experience) if you complete them. Winner: Depends. Swagbucks has better payout per completed survey, but disqualified ones payout better with Gifthulk. It depends on if you are able to qualify.

Offer Walls- Okay, for this one I don’t have much experience. I do try to complete them, but I don’t have a credit card (and wouldn’t use it on these if I did), I don’t download things as they most likely contain viruses, and the surveys I always disqualify from. BUT looking at the same wall/same offer, the payout seems to be in slightly in Gifthulk’s favor. when Swagbucks offers 1 or 2, Gifthulk is offering 11 or 22 (which is only slightly better, but those add up). So Winner based on payout: Gifthulk. Quality seems to be tied, since they have the same offers for the most part.

Coupons- Well, I was pretty sure gifthulk had these, but I guess I was wrong. Swagbucks has them, usually you get 10 for each one you redeem but some of them give you up to 10 for printing them. Using the feature is free, so there’s no harm in trying it but it is available in the US only and there is a delay of up to 12 weeks. I’ve never done this so I’m not sure how exactly it works.

Search- Gifthulk gives you 4 gc for 1 search every hour, but they often give you one reward every 15 minutes, or 16 an hour. Swagbucks gives you anywhere from a few sb to 50, it seems to be random as long as there isn’t a special going on. Fridays give more rewards (lowest a search gives is 20), but it is again once an hour (I believe). Winner: Swagbucks, while you earn a fixed amount with gifthulk, it gives you 0.4 swagbucks an hour, even 1 sb would be better than 0.4.

Games- Gifthulk hasn’t yet launched this feature, and Swagbucks gives you 5 for every 15 minutes (I think) of playtime. This isn’t the main way you earn swagbucks, the real way is tournaments but it costs swagbucks to enter.

Tasks- These are the same as offers, as they both have the same sorts of tasks to complete, but Gifthulk seems to have a slightly better payout. Winner: Gifthulk

Apps- Swagbucks doesn’t have this (except on the offer walls soemtimes), but gifthulk lets you earn gc for downloading apps for your devices (free ones from what I’ve seen). This is a new feature, so there aren’t many right now, although it is growing considerably every day.

Codes- Both sites offer a code program, but the way they go about it is different. Swagbucks offers 2-8 per code and EVERYONE can use them (unless its location restricted), while Gifthulk has codes worth 20-50 that only a few people can use. Usually shared with friends or on the fb page in the comments on just on the wall, but be quick usually only 3 people are allowed to use the code. Winner: Swagbucks. (use this site to check for their codes)

Guess the Card- This is a gifthulk only feature, a daily card game where you get a certain amount of chips based on your level (see below for more information). Each chip lets you guess the card in three categories. There’s guess the card (where you pick suit and number), guess the number (where you guess if its Ace, 2, 3, … Q, or K), and guess the suit (where you guess if its heart, diamond, spade, or club). Each correct answer gives you gc for that game type. (50 for card, 10 for number, and 4 for suit). There’s also codes hidden, boosts, and a joker that’s worth 100 gc. You can buy more chips with hc, but it isn’t worth it for the conversion rate.

Both swagbucks and gifthulk have other ways to earn points, but they are so small it isn’t worth mentioning, gifthulk’s are mostly the same as offers (registering for sites and watching videos).
Gifthulk and Swagbuck Referral Systems

Inviting your friends to use these sites will earn you rewards as well. A limited amount of rewards, but you still earn points for basically doing nothing but sharing the awesome.

Swagbucks, you get 1000 max from each referral but it is only from their searches (except on special occasions)

Gifthulk, you get 600 max from each referral (considerably less than swagbucks) but you get 100 right when they sign up so even if they don’t like it, you get some points. I think this is from everything, not just certain areas but it might be from ‘earn’ only.

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What to buy with your Swagbucks and Giftcoins

The rewards stores are pretty much filled with the same kinds of items. Giftcards for amazon, walmart, bestbuy, paypal, etc. They both cost the same as well (with exceptions) so the only difference is what you want to buy that’s exclusive to one or the other.

Swagbucks has more actual items than gifthulk, but they usually cost more than it would be to buy the giftcards and get it from an online retailer. Swagbucks also has donations to charities and more variety of giftcards than gifthulk.

Gifthulk on the other hand has more variety in the gaming section of giftcards. You can buy steam cards, league of legend cards, a premium minecraft account, nintendo cards, playstation cards, and cheaper xbox gold. The items that gifthulk does sell seems to be better quality than swagbucks, but I haven’t compared the two in person to tell.

They also both have sweepstakes where you can buy entries into winning their store items or even actual items they don’t sell like gaming consoles or more of their currency. Be careful on these though, it’s easy to spend a lot on entries and never win anything.

Basically, you should check each store before you go crazy earning points, although I’m sure most people will be fine with walmart, amazon, paypal, bestbuy, and similar sites that both have for the same prices.
Gifthulk Levels

Below you can see the main thing I love about Gifthulk compared to Swagbucks, the level system. I am not aware of any such feature on swagbucks, and the difference may be enough to sway you into Gifthulk’s corner. Each level is shown, with what it gives you and how to get it. Notice you can check how much you have earned, and it only counts those sections under the “earn” tab, no codes or guess the card earnings.

As you can see, 1,000 gets you to silver level (the lowest giftcards are 5,000 so you will probably get there before you buy your first card). This gives you doublt amount of guess the card chips per day (so potentially twice the money).

After silver you get gold, which is where it gets really fun. Here you get another 10 chips BUT you also get 2.5% back from your purchases (If you buy a 5,000 gc card, you get 125 back, which isn’t a lot but you still get it back). This requires earning 10,000 gc OR inviting 10 friends.

After this is Platinum, requiring 25,000 or 25 friends referred. Now you have 40 chips (20 more) per day, a 5% rebate (for a 5,000 gc card, you get 250 back), and now you get your rewards delivered faster.

Last is the Diamond level, requiring 50,000 gc or referring 50 friends. This gives you a one time only 10 dollars, not sure if you can pick what card or if its in gc, but free money is always good. You still have faster delivery, you now have 60 chips per day, and a 10% rebate (5,000 gc card gets you 500 back.)

I suggest waiting until you reach Gold level to buy anything since you get a rebate, but you can do whatever you wish.