Can I Really Get a PlayStation For Free?

A free PlayStation?… ‘I’ll see what I can do’…

How easy is to get free stuff these days? This question keeps cropping up from friends and family who know me well for being an ‘I’ll see what I can do…’ sort of person.

Getting hold of shareware, freeware and countless samples these days is not a problem. With the invention of this new thangled thing called the interweb, free stuff like that is not a problem.

When my young nephew came to me and asked if I could get him a free PlayStation I couldn’t resist the challenge. Knowing full well this would be a virtually impossible task I didn’t promise his free PlayStation would be here any time soon.

In my eagerness I got straight on to Google and typed in ‘free PlayStation’, I like to keep it simple and straight to the point! First site that caught my eye was a free PlayStation site…Again straight to the point!

The site was simple and straight to the point, ‘3 steps to getting your hands on a free PlayStation’, this looks a bit too easy I thought to myself. Scrolling down to find the ‘all you have to do is sign up with your credit card details’ I was surprised to find nothing of the kind, just an information video from no less than BBC’s Newsnight program about getting free stuff.

The video explained how advertising companies are enticing people to take notice of their advertised products by giving away highly desirable items such as the iPod, iPhone and of course the Sony PlayStation 3.

The catch? Well…Where money is involved there isn’t one. Don’t think that they are giving away a PlayStation for free just for looking at an advert. The way this offer works is by you signing up, taking up a free trail and then getting your friends and family to do the same.

The site giving away the free stuff gets paid by the companies that they are showing ads for, providing that the user signs up for a free trial or at most spends £5 – £10 on an offer. The site then passes some of that money back to you as a free gift for referring your friends and family.

So basically this is a form of advertising, companies set aside a certain amount of cash to pay the advertiser just to get interest in their product. Fortunately for us some of that money gets passed down to us for the part we play i.e. telling our friends and family about the free PlayStation site.

Luckily for me, friends and family were quick to help out knowing the PlayStation was for little Billy, and all signed up for a 2 week trail at One month after signing up, the free Play station arrived. My best ‘I’ll see what I can do’ moment yet!

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Sony PS3 or Play Station 3 – A Amazing Gaming Platform for Game Lovers With Exciting New Features

This new video game console is the aftermath of Play Station and Play Station 2 from Sony.

 It uses Blu-ray disc system for the media of optics and lends support to CDs and DVDs among other disc layout of the earlier period.

 It has a HDMI 1.3 port and 1080p HD resolution. Today it features hard drive of eighty GB and is IPTV compatible.

 Hard drive can be upgraded and there is a Bluetooth control aid and Ethernet port

 There is also an inbuilt two point five inch serial ATA hard drive

 There is flash memory card along with compact flash, memory stick and Wi-Fi connection.

 There are four available USB 2.0 slots worked by wireless network and flash card memory aid

 There is a video and audio stereo with this system

 There is an official PS3 component cable and the AV Multi Out Jack

 The colors available are white and silver

Sony Play Station 3 Games

Voted the best game in North Amercia, “Resistance: Fall of Man” leaves Sony the undisputed King in ingenuity entertainment. Other interesting games include Oblivion, F.E.A.R and Sonic, The Hedgehog. Popular sequels of Sony Play Station 3 games include God of War, Gran Turismo, Warhawk, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Lair and Heavenly Sword. Other exclusive games are Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, Monster Hunter 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Tekken 6, Devil May Cry 4 and Virtua Fighter 5

Sony Play Station Network

 Online, Sony Play Station 3 can be played on Microsoft’s Xbox Live network and includes a supporting multiplayer and there is a subscription fee for the same.

 Download of some of the play station and play station 2 games for free online from the Play station network between five dollars and fifteen dollars

 In connectivity for Video formats, Play Station 3 lends support to many SDTV and HDTV resolutions.

 For Audio it supports many music formats such as seven point one digital audio of Dolby TrueHD to name of the outstanding music formats.

 Bluetooth connectivity is also enabled as well as USB drives but does not support Microsoft’s Windows and its descendants.

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What South Africans want from Santa

With almost nine out of ten South Africans (89.5%) saying they intend to celebrate the holiday season by giving gifts, on the top of the stocking list are gadgets, according to the eBucks Rewards festive survey, conducted online from 16 October to 8 November 2013.
What South Africans want from Santa
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South Africans are getting savvier about how they do their shopping and 9.5% will be doing all their festive season shopping online, compared to the 2012 festive Survey of 8%.

They are also generous shoppers, with the vast majority (43.2%) buying between five and eight gifts, and two out of 10 buying more than nine gifts. People are spending generously too: more than a quarter of those surveyed, spend in excess of R1000 on gifts.

“With the challenging economic conditions, we expect South Africans will manage their festive budget carefully by purchasing a number of smaller, more meaningful gifts for extended family and friends, and then splashing out a bit on one more expensive item for their spouse or significant other,” says Jolandé Duvenage, CEO of eBucks Rewards.

Naturally children are spoiled, with more than four in 10 people spending over R500 on the little ones and three in 10 spending between R500 and R1000. While moms and dads are quite giving, South African men treat their romantic partners well, with six out of 10 spending in excess of R750.

They are also organised, only 5.5% said they will be doing their shopping on Christmas Eve and 0.2% on Christmas Day itself, but for the most part, shopping is already well underway and in many cases already complete.

Gadgets, cash

A gadget of one form or another (43.4%) tops the list and a distant second is cash or a voucher at 14.6%. In the open ‘other’ category, festive wishes included spending quality family time, just being happy and not having to work on Christmas day. Finally, an interesting trend is starting to emerge: a crafty 1.2% of the survey participants have made all their own festive season gifts.

Survey results

Of the 2588 South Africans that participated in the survey, 52.8% were men and 47.2% were women.

How many gifts will you be buying this festive season?

43.2% – between 5 and 8
37.2% – between 2 and 4
17.8% – 9 or more
1.9% – Just one

Where do you shop for gifts over the festive season?

48.3% – a combination of both online shopping and real life shops
41.1% – in shops – I like touching and seeing the gift before I purchase it
9.5% – online – saves me time, and I get to avoid the crowds
1.2% – I like to make all the gifts myself

How much do you normally spend on gifts during the festive season?

28.2% – R1000 or more
27.5% – R250 – R500
20.0% – R1 – R250
13.0% – R750 – R1000
11.2% – R500 – R750

How much will you spend on each child this festive season?

39.8% – R1 – R500
35.1% – R500 – R1000
19.9% – R1000 – R3000
3.1% – R3000 – R5000
1.5% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my child/children
0.8% – R5000 or more

If you are a man in a relationship, how much do you normally spend on a Christmas gift or treat for your better half?

36.9% – R1000 or more
22.8% – R750 – R1000
20.4% – R500 – R750
18.5% – R250 – R500
1.4% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my significant other

If you are a woman in a relationship, how much do you normally spend on a Christmas gift or for your other half?

26.7% – R250 – R500
24.0% – R1000 or more
21.4% – R500 – R750
22.0% – R750 – R1000
5.9% – R0 – I don’t buy Christmas gifts for my significant other

When do you do your festive shopping?

51.1% – three weeks before Christmas
38.1% – I usually start in November to beat the rush
5.5% – Christmas eve
5.1% – mine is already done, as I collect gifts throughout the year
0.2% – on Christmas day itself

What type of present do you wish to receive this year?

43.4% – gadget
14.6% – cash or a retail voucher
6.1% – jewellery
5.2% – fitness or sporting equipment
5.1% – clothing
5.0% – perfume or aftershave
4.2% – appliance
3.2% – books
2.2% – none of the above
2.1% – entertainment (concert tickets, theatre tickets, etc)
1.8% – a voucher for an adrenalin activity
1.6% – CDs or DVDs
5.6% – Other


iTunes gift voucher, pots, Christmas family lunch, house make-over, DSTV, GHD, purse, motherboard for PC, bike, bicycles and accessories, golf sets, play station, scooter, spa vouchers, telescope, coffee pods, a way out of financial debt, a ring from fiancée of 9 years, cars (ranging from Bugati to Golfs), smartphone accessories, external hard drive, Peruvian hair, TV’s (ranging from 3D to LED), family holidays (local and international), a baby, house, sports watch and heart rate monitor, a boat, books, car audio upgrade, creative writing course, duvet set, Weber gas braai, TV series, uncapped ADSL, unit trusts, time with loved ones, trampoline, treadmill, tools, sunglasses, pasta machine, new tyres, bathroom set, luggage, lounge suit, gym membership, anything to make her smile/ feel happy, not having to work on Christmas Day.

New live album and gigs from Guy Buttery

Straight in from a world tour with stops in the UK, Canada and the UA, Guy Buttery returns to SA and has announced five dates in the Gauteng region in support of the release of his first live album: “Live in KwaZulu”.
New live album and gigs from Guy ButteryRecorded over two nights, the new live album showcases Guy Buttery’s further explorations in instrumentation and innovative soundscapes. “Live in KwaZulu” features, for the first time on CD, his vivid interpretation of Joanna Newsom’s The Book Of Right On and his much loved musical saw classic Smithfield (also known as Martian Folk Song). His lifelong musical partner, Nibs van der Spuy, performs on two of the 11 tracks.

The album is available on a limited edition CD digipack and on digital download at and on iTunes, and will available at all concerts.

Bringing back childhood strategies into adult advertising and marketing

As a shopper (or parent) you may have experienced a tantrum being thrown by a child who insists on getting something that they have seen … or … you were that child throwing the tantrum. The events of that tantrum may have panned out as follows: the child, decisive in his or her thinking, went into a shop (accompanied by a purchaser) and earnestly wanted “something” which caught their eye and wanted it there and then. They more-than-likely pointed at the object which they instinctively knew they wanted and persisted, with their whole being, to persuade the purchaser to buy the “something” for them, even if it meant “throwing their toys out of the… trolley.” The result… the child wins.
Bringing back childhood strategies into adult advertising and marketingThe concept of Point-Know-Buy (PKB) works pretty much the same way: the consumer sees “something” of interest to them, they then “point” at the product or code with their mobile device camera, they gain instant information about the product (“know”) and then make a decision to “buy” the product – or not.

There are two main forms of PKB used today for advertising and marketing benefits, namely; Quick Response (QR) codes and Augmented Reality. A QR code is a modified two-dimensional barcode that can store roughly 350 times the amount of information than the average barcode. This enables consumers to gain information at their fingertips enabling them to interact with the real world instantly [7].

After the birth of QR codes and instant virtual information about reality, tech-guru’s decided to take reality one step further. Just when you thought it was cool seeing a hologram of a space agent appearing out of nowhere on Star Trek, these tech-gurus brought the very same technology into our hands, the hands of the consumer. This technology is known as Augmented Reality (AR). AR is technology which gives the consumer a real-time augmented, three-dimensional image with the assistance of virtual layers either as a video, image or text. For example, Google Goggles is an AR concept which works when a photo is taken of a famous landmark, object, image or piece of art. Then Google will search its database to find the image and provide the user with instant information about their search [3; 7]. This creates a new form of interaction between consumer and product, which increases customer loyalty to the brand at hand [3]. AR has made an incredibly massive impact in the world of marketing and advertising.

The Future of PKB is definitely on the rise, especially with the usage of AR. Research in the United States has indicated a prediction cost of $300 million for 2013 in revenue related to AR [3]. Furthermore, marketing experts forecast a rise to $5.2 billion in AR related revenue in 2017 alone [3].This indicates that there is a massive rise in the effect that PKB is going to have in the world of advertising and marketing in the near future. In South Africa, PKB (in the form of AR) has not yet been grasped and executed to its full potential in the industry of advertising and marketing. With that said, the advertising and marketing industries should begin to include such trends into their strategic campaigns, because consumers are becoming more and more reliant on technology to provide information; hence, this trend should not be overlooked by marketers and advertisers [2; 7]. Additionally, the PKB trend has also foreseen the need to incorporate a variety of other markets such as DIY health, travel, education, sport, music, cooking and many more [7]. A point to be noted is that advertising and market trend-watchers have noticed a significant paradigm shift in the industry of mobile technology and PKB. They predict with the sporadic rise in the use of PKB, specifically AR, that it will be socially accepted by the world sooner than we can or even want to imagine [7].

In an interview with Larissa Laternser, Business Manager Soft Drinks at Ball Packaging Europe, Ms Laternser stated back in 2011 that the advertising and marketing industry has only tapped into one-percent of the PKB-AR trend [2]. This should be a wake up a call for all marketing and advertising firms to stake their claim in the pool of PKB-AR. Furthermore, Rick Odom, Staff Writer for, states that the days when the best prize will go to a well-designed cereal box, are just about over; because soon cereal boxes will be coming out on the shelves with full-developed AR videogames with the cereal box as the main play station [4].

But when we thought it was just boxes and objects that were being creatively included by the PKB trend of AR, a company called Visuar indicated that it is now being extended into the FMCG food industries as well [8]. Visuar has created an AR application that can be used on food, providing the consumer with early information about the product and any competitions related to the product [8].

It is evident that consumers crave information, which is nothing new [1]. However, the way in which they receive the information could be the deciding factor as to whether the consumer stays brand loyal or not. By providing consumers with information and knowledge of the brand, the brand offers the consumer a sense of power, control and certainty, which is bound to result in a high brand loyalty from the consumer [1].

So, the possibilities with PKB are endless. It is evident that PKB is on the rise. Additionally, the revenue which AR can potentially attract is astronomical. Furthermore, it is evident that consumers are craving information on the run. So, my question to you is, as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) organisation, how can you make the consumer experience a remarkable one? One whereby the words of consumers spread positivity about their experience with your brand or product? The answer: It all lies in the user experience attached to the PKB of your product.

Start Your Own Internet Radio Station For Free Using Shoutcast

So you want to run an Internet radio station? Great! Citrus 3 have a solution for you. It’s Shoutcast. Shoutcast works in a similar way to most other streaming platforms. The great news its easy and once I again I will repeat its completely free. All you need is a PC some music in mp3 format and the free software which we will explain in this guide.. Internet radio although not very profitable is a great way to network with people in the music industry and make new friends. Once broadcasting your station will show up on many online radio directories and on the shoutcast directory. You can also create a website for your internet radio and play via a flash player on there or simply share a “tune in” link to your friends and family on facebook. Now it works like this. You have a DJ broadcasting to a server. This server listens to the DJ, listeners connect to the server, and the server relays the signal to multiple listeners. To run a station you need Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP Plug-in for Winamp, a server to stream to, a good connection to the server, good bandwidth from the server, and some MP3’s. (You can also use a wide range of other software instead of Winamp) To download these you can go to and and visit the downloads page. All are free! For the next process you will need to find your own IP address and when you have this…. Shoutcast DSP Setup Once you have installed the DSP plug-in into Winamp you can go ahead and start Winamp then the DSP plug-in: Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect > Select “Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP…” Once you select this the Shoutcast DSP box will pop up. First select the “Encoder” tab. Select an Encoder (Use Encoder 2 because Encoder 1 currently has a bug), select an Encoder Type (currently only MP3), and then select the format and bitrate you want to stream with in the “Encoder Settings” drop down. Next select the “Output” tab and select an Output (Output 1 by default is good). Hit the “Connection” button if it is not already selected. Type in the address of your server (“localhost” if the DSP and server are on the same machine). For “Port” enter the port you have as PortBase in the sc_serv.ini file (8000 by default). Enter the password you selected when editing sc_serv.ini. Finish off by selecting the encoder number that you previously set. If you would like your server to be listed on hit the “Yellowpages” button next to the “Connection” button. Make sure “Make this server public” is checked. Then enter some descriptive info about your stream in the corresponding boxes below. The other options in the Shoutcast DSP are not described here because they are beyond the scope of this article. Once you have all the settings taken care of go ahead and hit the “Connect” button. Start playing the MP3s that you want to webcast. If everything is set up and running correctly the DSP should connect to the server and start the stream for the world to hear. Happy streaming everyone!!! Published at:

Get Your Favorite Foods by Ordering Online From Momo Station & Crepe Station

The Asian dumpling delicacy enthusiasts would find momo station irresistible and when it is about the variety of luscious Continental dishes the Crepe Station is the first choice. Momo Station, the place where you get the most delectable momo to satisfy your palate: Momo is a favourite dish for many and the food lovers all over the world love to pamper their taste buds with delicious momo on and off. Momo station is the most authentic place to get momo with real taste and flavour. With outlets in various parts of the leading cities, momo station has become a favourite hangout for the foodies. At this momo hub you will get two kinds of momo, the fried momos and steamed momos. The health conscious people find the steamed kind a good choice. Momos at momo station come in with a variety of fillings to satisfy all taste buds. Here you will get fillings like, spicy chicken, mutton rogan aloo cheese, spicy veggie, and a lot more. Serving some of the best of vegetarian, chicken or mutton momos, momo station is a favoured destination for the momo enthusiasts. The kids love to have the less spicy cheesy supreme filling. At momo station you can choose from a selection of fried or steamed momos with a wide array of fillings. Moreover, there are a variety of snack options like potato wedges, veggie nuggets, sausages French fries and chicken nuggets. Food at this place is unbelievably tasty and reasonably priced, therefore whenever you have hunger pangs you need to order your favourite momo variety from momo station and have a quick bite. Order online and get excellent offers. Crepe Station, the food hub for the lovers of Continental delicacies: Crepe Station offers everything that you would like to delight your taste buds. A host of mouth watering Continental dishes like Veg, Chicken, Prawns and Lamb Crepes to Pasta, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Sizzlers and Salads and an assortment of side dishes are there for you. To have the flavour of Indian delicacies you can have Tomato Omlette, Aloo Parantha, Chana Bhatura, Puri Bhaji and Paneer Bhujia with Maska Pav as well. The English Breakfast served over here would definitely delight your palate. Above all, to add to your delight, Crepe Station offers a wide variety of desserts with Crepes and Waffles with scoops of vanilla ice cream and sweet whipped. An assortment of omelets, pancakes, sausages and juices over here can ensure a healthy and satisfying brunch. Among the most popular dishes paneer, chicken and fish sizzlers are there. What more interesting is every few weeks a variety of innovative specials get introduced to add more essence to your eating. A great variety of sauces for pastas like Pesto, Bolognaise, and Arabiata and a selection of delicious appetizers with Onion Rings, Crostini and Bruschetta Al Pollo make Crepe Station a favoured choice for those who love to have exquisite food. If you love your vegetables, fish, chicken or lamb between freshly baked brown bread or want to savour the variety of sandwiches including Royal Tandoori Chicken, Tuscano, and the Tuna Open Bake, served with salads and home-made wafers, then Crepe Station is the place for you. At Crepe Station your can place order for your favourite dishes in the most effortless way by ordering online. Ordering for your desired food is now so easy with online booking and reservation and is the right place to do that. This prime online website for placing order for food and table reservation is the simplest way to get your favourite food right at your door. Choose from thousands of restaurants serving hundreds of cuisines and place order for your favourite ones and get excellent offers. It’s so simple and so easy! Published at:

Free Ecards, Christmas Cards, Free Greeting Cards

Welcome to Fab Occasion…! If you are looking for amazing Greeting Ecards………. Free of Cost…..! Fab occasion was started to enhance your greeting experience of ecards on the internet by allowing you to send your personal video messages to friends, family and loved ones inside our fabulous ecards. We believe each occasion is special and should be made as memorable as possible, and what better way to do this than if the person receiving your eCards can see you smiling and chatting inside it even if he or she is across the other side of the world. Fab Occasion has created an online free greeting cards site for users to send free of charge. No hassles, no advertisements, no payments, and plenty of Free E-cards, online greeting cards, and e greetings to USA, UK, Australia and all over the Globe. At Faboccasion you can send fabulous ecards, greeting cards with your personal video message to friends, family and loved ones for any occasion, Birthday, holidays, valentines day, Diwali, love, anniversary, congratulations, get well soon, retirement, mothers day, Merry Christmas, friendship, thanks giving, pass over, new year, thank you, Hanukah, wedding, fathers day, Easter, graduation, Halloween, independence day, st. Patrick’s day, party time, Rakshabandhan, new born, good luck and all time favorite ecards online and much, much more! You can even upload your own photos or ecards and send them to friends, family, and loved ones absolutely free. Sending free e-cards is fast, free and easy! Try sending a free online greeting card today! Our amazing collection of Ecards will put a smile on anyone’s face when they receive one. Developed by various animators and artists we have tried to make each one rich in graphics, music and animation. So hopefully you will find one that expresses your style, sense of humor and feelings for that someone special. Greeting cards play a vital role in articulating your emotions and feelings in a marvelous manner. There are many designs and colors to create a beautiful and memorable card for your near and dear ones. You can even save these designs and images on your personal computer for future use. A variety of designs, images and other ideas are available on the Fab Occasion. Free Greeting Cards are encouraged by environmental groups, as they shrink the waste related with huge volumes of printed greeting cards, not to mention saving paper, trees and fuel. We also provide a free reminder service where you will be alerted whenever a special occasion is about to come up whether it be a friends birthday, your parents anniversary or Christmas, we won’t let you forget another important occasion ever again. Our fabulous range of Ecards will put a smile on anyone’s face when they receive one. Developed by various animators and artists we have tried to make each one rich in graphics, music and animation. So hopefully you will find one that expresses your style, sense of humor and feelings for that someone special. Published at:

Cruise Ship Phone Cards For Calling Station Ports

When you take a cruise, one of the best ways to communicate is with calling station port cards. Because you will be on a boat, there are times when you may need to call home. Perhaps you need to check up on your family or friends, or you need to call the office to find out how things are going. Perhaps you may even found yourself in an emergency. Regardless of your situation, having a cruise ship phone cards is a great way to insure that you have a tool for communication during your trip. It should be noted that these phone cards are not only good for cruise travelers, but they are also useful for the cruise ship staff as well. One of the best places to purchase these phone cards is over the Internet. While you may be able to get a card faster by simply visiting a physical store near your home, the Internet has a much larger selection. In addition to this, you will often find that you can find better deals on the web. However, there are some general guidelines that you will want to follow when you begin shopping for a phone card to take on your cruise. First, the card that has the lowest rate is not necessarily the best card. When you find a card online that you’re interested in, it is very important to read the description before purchasing it. If you only plan on using the cruise ship phone cards for a short time, it is best to get the card with the lowest rate. Some of these cards may have a weekly fee for maintenance. If you plan on buying a card for long term use, you will want to purchase a card that either doesn’t have a maintenance fee, or a fee that is exceptionally low. If you’re going to be making calls from a cell phone number (which is highly likely if you’re on a cruise ship), you will want to take the time to review the cell phone rates. You will also want to find out whether or not the card has a local access number or a toll free access number. The rates will generally be higher if you use an access number that is toll free. Cruise ship communication is extremely important, both for the passengers and the staff. In an emergency, you need a reliable tool that will allow you to call for help. If you want to call home to check up on things, you will also need a cruise ship communication tool that is reliable. At the same time, you shouldn’t be forced to pay excessive amounts of money. Purchasing a phone card is the best way to reduce your expenses while maintaining active communication lines at the same time. This is very important. If you are buying the card for the first time, you should contact the company when its customer service department is open. This will allow you to ask questions and clear up any concerns you may have. The good thing about these cruise calling cards is that you can use them to call multiple countries simultaneously. Once you pick the country you want to call, the cards may be ranked in terms of the best rates they offer. This can help you make a better decision, and get the best value for your money so that you can enjoy your cruise. Published at:

Auto Dealers Use Prepaid Gas Cards and Gas Station Credit Cards to Entice Buyers

With gasoline prices in the United States surging ahead at a breakneck pace, buyers who once embraced big oversized trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are turning away from gas-guzzlers, a move that’s putting the squeeze on both automakers and auto dealers. None have been hit harder than Chrysler, which relies on trucks and SUV’s for 70 percent of its sales. They reported that sales were down by as much as 23 percent during the first four months of 2008. That may be why Chrysler was the first major automaker to offer what is clearly becoming the most popular incentive of the season—gasoline. After that dismal 4-month downturn, the maker of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles announced it would guarantee that their new customers would never pay more than $2.99 per gallon for gas for the next three years—no matter how high gas prices rise at the pumps. In a creative marketing move, Chrysler has arranged for its customers to get a special credit card to be used for gas purchases. Customers using the card will be billed $2.99 per gallon to their charge account and Chrysler will pay the rest. The guarantee, which is offered on 32 models, covers up to 12,000 miles annually for three years, and allows customers to buy gas anywhere they choose. The incentive also follows the vehicle if it is sold, allowing anyone that owns the car during the three-year period to take advantage of the gas incentive. Suzuki, whose new car sales have been less affected, quickly followed suit by offering free gasoline to US buyers, but only for the summer of 2008. Industry observers have stated they do not expect free or discount gasoline to take the place of the once most-favored incentive for new car buyers—cash rebates. As critics of the industry are quick to point out, gas giveaways do nothing to address the underlying problem. Gas prices will undoubtedly continue to rise and gas supplies will continue to dwindle. The problem with this type of campaign is that it is not really solving the problem, but covering it up. With this promotion, Chrysler it seems, is actually encouraging people to go out and buy bigger trucks and SUVs simply because they get a rebate on their gas. But since these trucks and SUVs get much less miles-per-gallon than smaller vehicles, the buyers are going to have to fill up much more often than they would if they downgraded to a smaller, more fuel-efficient car. Using more gas is only going to make demand for it go up. And when demand goes up, so does the price. The only real, long-term solution to easing pain at the gas pump, most will agree, lies in developing vehicles that are more fuel-efficient as well as vehicles that use alternative fuel sources. Even though America only has 4% of the world’s population, it uses accounts for 25% of the world’s oil consumption. The smart thing to do is to try and use less gas, not use more at a cheaper price. In the words of one industry observer, “The days of driving on cheap fossil fuels are as dead as the dinosaur.” Published at: